Best Cabinet and Granite Supply Inc’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

While we are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation:

  • Our shop and warehouse are open, with social distancing and sanitary measures in place.
  • We are on the job sites with each of our employees with PPE and following state guidelines for safe practices for the industry in light of the current situation.
  • We are working remotely and staying in contact with our clients, developers, project managers and workforce to keep them informed of any interruptions to the scheduled work.  These interruptions are happening on both sides of building equation and we are working together to minimize those interruptions by planning what is possible as work resumes in the future.
  • We are making our resources available to assist our community where we can with COVID-19 relief effort. This includes utilizing trusted resources here and aboard to assist in procuring and donating safety supplies to health and medical facilities and other entities that may need them.
  • Please stay safe and well,  safely check-in with neighbors or individuals you know that may need extra assistance with a note or phone call.  We will get through these challenging times together.